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with Thao Phan

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—The cyborg is liberally read in varied
imbrications between humans and technology.
This is the reading of the cyborg that has
successfully managed to escape the ivory
tower and permeates popular discourse in
science, film, art, discussions on
ability/disability, prosthetics and popular
reporting of technological innovation. For this
reason, the Manifesto can be considered as the
most promising of monsters.
(Thao Phan,
Introduction to A Manifesto for Cyborgs at 30)

how might we think through the figure of the
cyborg in contemporary times?

for background reading, here is a copy of
Donna Haraway’s A Manifesto for Cyborgs.

Thao Phan is a PhD candidate in the Media and
Communications program at the
University of Melbourne. her research
interests are in feminist technoscience and her
thesis interrogates the gendered body in
Artificial Intelligence discourse. she was an editor
of A Manifesto for Cyborgs at 30, a
special issue of Platform Journal.