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with Josh Pocius

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—We are being confronted with a new kind
of hot, psychotropic, punk capitalism

(Preciado, Testo Junkies)

in his book Testo Junkies, Paul B. Preciado
gives this new kind of capitalism a name,
‘the pharmacopornographic era’

from the production and circulation of
synthetic steroids, to the flood of
pornographic images, Preciado places these
emergent industries at centre of
contemporary forms of subjectivity,
sexuality and production

listen above for a discussion around
Preciado’s theory and its various
implications and complexities

if you get a chance to do some reading, here
is the relevant chapter from testo-junkies.
there is also a really interesting interview
with Preciado here.

Josh Pocius is a PhD Candidate in the School
of Culture and Communication at the
University of Melbourne. He also teaches in
Gender Studies. His research explores
HIV/AIDS cultural mediation,
immunopolitics, neoliberalism and