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with Luara Karlson-Karp

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—Somatechnics, [...] derived from the
Greek sôma (body) and τέχνη
(craftsmanship), supplants the logic of the
‘and’, suggesting that technés are not
something we add or apply to the body, nor
are they tools the embodied self employs to
its own ends. Rather, technés are the
dynamic means in and through which
corporealities are crafted, that is,
continuously engendered in relation to
others and to a world.
Introduction to Somatechnics: Queering the
Technologisation of Bodies, 2009).

following the logic of somatechnics, it
becomes apparent that constructions of
gender are deeply, inextricably entangled
with how we conceive of technology.

what is the relationship between debates
concerning the 'naturalness' of the sexed
body, and those surrounding the
relationship of soma and techné? and what
techné of technology might be most
relevant for gender theory in the time of

in our discussion we talked through
tensions between sexual difference
feminism and trans perspectives on the
body, the pervasiveness of metaphysical
humanist dualisms in the context of gender
and technology, also enquiring into what
possibilities might inhere in "somatechnics"
as a contemporary theory-praxis to queer
the bio-techno binary.

if you get a chance to do some reading, here
is a more in depth introduction to
somatechnics by Nikki Sullivan. also there
is this podcast by >ect enquiring into how
we can think technology differently.