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a series of talks on techno-feminism

—This life cannot be understood as a
biological given; it does not exist
outside the interlacing of production
and culture that belongs to
technoscience. This body is a
technoliving, multiconnected and
incorporating technology
referencing Haraway, Testo

over a series of monday evenings in
November, brainlina attempted to trace
some of the complex connections between
feminism and technology

with the guidance of writers and academics,
each week we focused on a particular term
(see links above), drawing from recent
writing around cyborgs, cyberspace and
science fiction.

see links above for the readings, details and
recordings of each individual session

big, big thanks go to Thao Phan (cyborg), Josh
Pocius (pharmacopornographic), Luara
Karlson Carp (technics), Maddee Clark (xeno)
and to kathleen syme library for hosting!