through falling through skin through translation through flooding


through colonisation
interview with odette kelada and dianne jones*

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whose bodies become ‘loveable’ or
‘unloveable’ within the logic of national

how is love displaced or colonised in
discourses of multiculturalism and

how might a political analysis of love
complicate ideals of charity, comfort or

odette kelada is a lecturer at the university of
melbourne who researches and publishes on
whiteness, race, colonisation and feminism in
australian writing and the arts. she is interested
in the constructions of nation, body and
identity in creative representations,
intersectional approaches to gender and the
teaching of racial literacy.

dianne jones is a nyungar photomedia artist
whose work deals with Indigenous cultural
history. her practice foregrounds the
homogeneity of dominant visual ideologies,
while creating representations that are
inclusive rather than exclusive of marginalised
voices. jones guest lectures on aboriginal art at
the university of melbourne and has exhibited
nationally and internationally.

this event was held on 8th may 2016 as part of
next wave festival, in a CBD apartment.

*unfortunately dianne jones was unable to
make it for the conversation.