through colonisation through falling through translation through flooding


through skin
with anupama pilbrow and lia incognita

>>read the body is a dream i am remembering<
>>listen to the readings<<
>>link to the audio transcript<<

through poetry readings, a short film and the
launch of
new texts, andalltheglassjars
excavated the ways in which love seeps in, out
and through different bodies, human or

andalltheglassjars is a collaborative project
between two queer artists living on
boonwurrung and wurundjeri country. their
practice tends to involve text and image-based
work, critical enquiry, and autoethnography.
they are particularly interested in hybrid forms
of communication and the potential of

anupama pilbrow studies mathematics. she
edits the suburban review and co-manages
sibboleth poetry reading group. she received
the 2016 dinny o’hearn fellowship for her
poetry manuscript the ravage space, a work
dealing with asian diasporic experience in
australia. her work has been published in local
and international poetry journals.

lia incognita is a shanghai born and based
writer who grew up in the kulin nations. ey has
written for overland, peril and right now,
produced multilingual queer radio for 3CR,
and done poetry on stages, airwaves, walls and

this event was held on sunday may 15th as part
of next wave festival, in a brunswick house.

images credit: Sarah Walker