through colonisation through falling through skin through flooding


through translation
kaho hashimoto

>>read kale in the morning, or

this event celebrated the launch of a text
written by kaho hashimoto. printed onto
transparent and pearlescent paper, kale in the
morning, or 空飛ぶキャベツは満月に良く似
responded to different aspects and
spaces of the house itself, reflecting upon the
complex ways in which intimacy is staged and
dislocated within and across language.

i feel a lot and i write
and i feel a little more and i make art
and i feel a lot more and paint things blue
these days all my friends are in love
and my iphone 4 doesn’t seem to recognise that my
touches are human

this event was held on tuesday 17th may as
part of next wave festival, in a northcote